Four Film’s You Need To See This Fall.

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Four Film’s You Need To See This Fall.

If you’re a film junkie like me, you probably have a list of must-see movies. If not, you probably need a list like mine to put you on the right track. Here are four upcoming movies that I’m super pumped for. 

It’s been a bit of a dry season for film. You might have had trouble finding a good flick worth the time and money this summer (I know I have). Thankfully, over the past few weeks I’ve seen a whole bunch of amazing trailers and exciting films coming to screen this fall. I probably have about 20-30 films on my list, but let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that. 

1) Gone Girl

Fincher. Renznor. Affleck. Ok, maybe not Affleck. He has his moments. 

David Fincher’s latest flick looks like it’s going to be a doozy. If you were into The Social Network, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Fight Club or any of his past films you’re probably going to love Gone Girl. It looks gritty, it looks a little weird, and I’m always up for a good ‘whodunnit.’ Fincher also paired up with Reznor again to score Gone Girl, which will probably sound as awesome as the soundtrack work in The Social Network and GWTDT. More recently, Fincher was the executive producer of House Of Cards, and I can’t get enough that show. I’m hoping this movie has the same depth and quality as the rest of Fincher’s filmography. 

2) Fury

There aren’t many Brad Pitt movies that I haven’t liked. I feel like he gets a bad wrap for his pretty boy past, but let’s be honest; he has played some of the most memorable characters over the past 20 years. Mickey O’neil, Tyler Durden, Lt. Aldo Raine – heck, I’ll even give him cred for Benjamin Button. Judging by this trailer Pitt is going to step back into Aldo Raine’s shoes again, just with less charm and way more intensity. I’m always up for an awesome World War Two film and Fury looks like it won’t disappoint. I’m not a huge fan of director David Ayer, but he did an amazing job on End Of Watch which was one of the most intense cop movies that I have ever seen. 

3) St. Vincent

Bill Freakin’ Murray. Heck Yes.

Ever since my parents introduced me to Murray’s ‘What About Bob?’ in elementary school I’ve been a huge fan. The first two movies on my list are pretty dark and intense, so if you’re looking for something a little more light-hearted this is the movie for you. Bill teams up with Melissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts for what looks to be an awesome and quirky comedy. Sidenote: I didn’t even recognize Watts until her credit came up.

4) Nightcrawler

Back to another intense/dark movie. That didn’t take long.

I think that Jake Gyllenhaal is sometimes grouped into that pretty boy club along with Pitt, although he has been able to play some pretty intense or creepy characters like Darko or Anthony Swafford in Jarhead. I really liked his role as an intense homicide detective in Prisoners and I think he’s going to take it to the next level in Nightcrawler. His voiceover speech in the trailer reminds me of some of those intense media/acting students that will literately do anything to be successful. I have a feeling that this flick is going to be one crazy experience and probably another awesome credit for Gyllenhaal.

Are you looking forward to any fall flicks? Have you seen any of the movies listed above? Let me know on Twitter or comment below.

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