New Work: Leon’s Find Your Zen Event

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New Work: Leon’s Find Your Zen Event

In late June, I worked with Leon’s to create a short event video, highlighting their Find Your Zen event. Leon’s hosted a really awesome event with free yoga classes, a delicious juice bar, and feng shui consultants. The purpose was to help Leon’s clients find a little bit of peace, and demonstrate the brands commitment to caring for their clients on a deeper level.

The Ask: Create a modern and fun branded film highlighting the event through the experience of a yoga mom. I also delivered a small amount of event photos as an additional side ask.


DSCF0912 DSCF1083

Purpose: Social Media and web content.

Leon’s is really stepping it up in terms of their brand presence, aesthetic, and overall approach, which means awesome media and new opportunities for fresh ideas. I had an awesome experience working with Autumn, and the Leon’s team to work through ideas and capture the event in the right way.

Early in pre-production planning we suggested following an actual event participant, rather than filming a simple event video. This anchors the story in such a way that it can connect with an audience, as viewers see an everyday person engaging with the event and brand. This technique helps humanize the event, and it allows us to capture values and ideas that are connected to a bigger picture.

DSCF0894 DSCF1149


I provided direction, editing, music curation, and colour grading. Additionally, I worked with our friends at Electric Mango Film Company as they provided production, and cinematography.

DSCF1269 DSCF1277

Gear & Notes

As always, I put my trust in the Canon C100 cinema camera. We used my Monopod for a majority of stabilization, along with a Benro video tripod for the interview.

The location had an incredible amount of light, and for the most part it all balanced very nicely. We did not have to use any additional lights or modifiers, simply relying on the gorgeous windows at the Roundhouse.

For this project we planned to grab some simple rack focus shots and slight movements on the table dolly to do some simple editing tricks in Premiere. When you want the video, you’ll notice some of the quick speed ramps that give it a more slick and fast-paced feel. Whenever we create a video we try to keep in mind time, attention spans, and strive to make the viewing experience as fun as possible.

On basically all of my projects this year I have used Film Convert for the grading. I’ve been really working to use the plug-in to it’s full potential and I’m really happy with how the colour of this project turned out.

I was also asked to provide a small amount of event photos. This was the first time I really got to test out my new Fuji X-T1 in a professional setting. I stuck to the XF 35mm f1.4 lens, quickly running and snapping photos. I’m impressed with the image quality, and the compact size of the camera. The size made it really easy for me to keep the camera around my neck while carrying out all of my video duties. I’ll be snapping a lot of behind the scenes photos with this camera.

DSCF0998 IMG_3180 DSCF0806 DSCF1003

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