An update from the studio: October 2015

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An update from the studio: October 2015

It has been an incredibly busy and rewarding few months. My latest projects had me working with professional athletes, a well-known Canadian furniture brand, a special renovation company, a one-of-a-kind college, and more. Here are four of my favorite projects from the past couple months.

It’s been a season of learning, collaboration, growth and new opportunities. I’ve traveled to eight Canadian cities in the past few months, filming some of the funnest projects I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on. These projects have allowed me to partner with some of my friends at Spin Design SolutionsElectric Mango Film Company, and Sway Advertising.


1) CFL/Shaw Road To The Grey Cup

I’ve been directing an ongoing project for Shaw’s Road To The Grey Cup campaign. The project has brought me to each city in Canada that has a team to develop and film content, all profiling some of the top players from each team. This is an ongoing project, so I don’t want to share too much, but expect some exiting content over the next few months. This has been a collaboration with Electric Mango Film Company and Sway Advertising. Here are three other training films that have been released so far:

2) Karry Home Solutions Profile Film

I was able to collaborate with the awesome team at Spin Design Solutions again to produce and direct this film for Karry Home Solutions.

There’s a wide variety of supporting film and content for Karry coming out over the next few months so be sure to check out our vimeo channel to see more. I have to thank John Challinor from Electric Mango for his assistance on this project, as well as Tara Kerr and Daniel Tojeira.

IMG_2060 IMG_2073 IMG_2077 IMG_2113

I’m in the middle of developing another exciting project for Karry that I think could make a really big impact for them and a good cause. Hopefully I can share more about this effort soon.

3) Modern Golf

This summer, I directed this Modern Golf promo for Sway Advertising. It was a whirlwind production and a quick turn around, but I’m really happy with how this one turned out. Modern Golf is a premiere golf fitting facility that uses some pretty intense technology to help its clients. I’ve been making it a habit to try and grab as many behind the scenes photos as possible lately. Here are a couple snaps:

_MG_2948 IMG_2918 IMG_2925 IMG_2998 _MG_3066 _MG_3110 IMG_3009 IMG_3075


4) The Corporate Solutions Team Profile Film

You have to love a client that trusts you and is open to creative solutions. John Di Cesare, the senior partner of TCST has a passion for staying relevant and taking care of his clients. I met John through another awesome client of mine, Phil Grimes (read about his project here). John was easy to work with, excited about the opportunity to use video for marketing, and has been a great advocate for Wild and Light (and Electric Mango who I collaborated with on this project). We created a series of videos for TCST, and I’m looking forward to doing more work with them in the future.


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