Grey Cup Week Behind The Scenes Photography

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Grey Cup Week Behind The Scenes Photography

A collection of images that I took while directing the Shaw Communications Grey Cup profile film.

DSCF3442shawnloveringgreycup8 DSCF3481shawnloveringgreycup1 DSCF3494shawnloveringgreycup2 DSCF3507shawnloveringgreycup3 DSCF3514shawnloveringgreycup4 DSCF3551shawnloveringgreycup5 DSCF3603shawnloveringgreycup6 DSCF3858shawnloveringgreycup7 DSCF3870 DSCF3877shawnloveringgreycup9 DSCF3884 DSCF3897 DSCF3940shawnloveringgreycup10 DSCF3966 DSCF3981shawnloveringgreycup11 DSCF4086shawnloveringgreycup12 DSCF4165shawnloveringgreycup13 DSCF4221 shawnloveringgreycup14

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