Eleven Dreams: An Experimental Micro Film

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Eleven Dreams: An Experimental Micro Film

On Wednesday January 20th, I met up with three of my closest creative pals to collaborate on a small film project. Sabrina Smelko, Zak Scholtz and John Challinor helped me create Eleven Dreams, a short concept film that allowed us all to test some techniques we wanted to play with. We had the goal of playing with pockets of light and low exposure, to test a continuous take sequence, and to play with reversed footage. We were also really interested in seeing how far we could push the stedicam in some tight spots.

We came up with a concept and storyboards at 1pm on the Wednesday, secured the location that afternoon, and starting setting up the location around 6pm. Set up and blocking took about 2 hours, with some rehearsal, and we were off to filming. The whole thing was completed with tear down and packing by 11pm.

I believe the music really pulls this project together, and I can’t say enough how pumped I am on the talents of my buddy (film and music producer) John Challinor for producing the track. It helps create the sort of hypnotic dreamlike atmosphere we were going for.

I’m looking forward to collaborating with this group on some other passion projects that we are all dreaming up. I regularly collaborate with Sabrina while testing out photo gear, and recently I worked on the Grey Cup project with John and Zak. In the meantime, here’s the piece:


Concept board by Sabrina:


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